Almost Xmas!

Time flies! The past months have become shorter and shorter, or are we getting older and perceiving time as ''shorter''? Anyway, we've done our maintenance, cleaing up in the garden, did not enjoy the abrupt move from (Indian) Summer to wintertime with frost and even soms snow on nearby mountains and being forced to heat up the house so quickly. But whilst we were enjoying life, things do happen. Our heating system, based on Solar and a heating pump, works fine - after some hick ups, wrong computer configuration - and keeps us warm at a lower cost than with the gas, we bought previously.

In september, we bought 2 Chicks - unfortunately they seem to be the independent Catalan type, looking beautiful but are darn arrogant - and still waiting for their first eggs. Ok, we bought them young, but come on, there is now time to lay eggs! But no, all they do is eating, trying to fly over the fence, having their siesta (really!) and stay inside when it's cold. 

Fired up a large bunch of twigs, since tree cutting time is now, and many more trees to be cut back to follow. Made a small batch of olive oil, and harvested saffron (a little less than last year). Vegetables and fruits are generous, and only slowly, the freezers empty. Not to mention the dry goodies...But I'm getting more and more creative with new recipes and techniques.

And almost by itself, we see Christmas decorations, shops filling up with goodies and those who can afford, buy presents. We don't: neither decorations (no fit with palm trees and oranges, blooming bougainvillea), nor goodies from the shop (we make it ourselves) nor presents (don't need anything). But in the meantime, we enjoy seeing it all. No need to have it ourselves. 

For now, to everybody who visits our website and taking part of our life, Merry Xmas and a happy, healthy and mindful 2014!