Hello new year

Well, christmas passed, and now, we are already in february! The winter has been mild so far, but we have way too little water over the whole 2013 and the winterperiod. Fortunately, we have irrigation. A little change will be made; from now on, I will combine News, Gardening and Spain news in this blog.

Well, writing about gardening: we will use this year a professional computer tool, to enable me, to plan correct crop rotation, fertilzing schedules and smart planting of all our crops. Without headache, since we have 23 lines to manage (of each 25 meters long)...Just one week ago, I planted approx. 300 onion plantlets, some 40 lettuce types and 30 cabbage. Now, potatoes are waiting to get out of the sack, as well as the garlic. But planning by ''what have I planted last year where and where to plant this now'' started to get really complicated. THis tool however promises me to make my life easy on this, so let's try it out.

And for the first time, the peach has been blossoming earlier than the almond! Finger crossed that we won't get some frost...

The 2nd Chikkie is finally laying eggs now too! They enjoy their large garden. We had to close the balcony which separates the swimming pool area and the old fruit garden, with fine maze, since they've wandered around it. And as you can imagine, it is not pretty, to have their droplets everywhere. Still have lots of citrus like lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lime. First asparagus too, and still some cabbage, iceberg lettuce, and broad beans. Last part of carrots and broccoli are eaten or in the fridge. A week ago, the peach started to blossom, BEFORE the almonds, never happened before that they bloomed so early. Hope we don't get frost.

The sophisticated system of heating/warm water supply via Solar and addit. electrical heating is working just fine. If the sun is shining, we heat the house and the water with no extra cost. And when we are using the jacuzzi in the evening, we stay so warm, that we don't need to turn the heater on. Saves a lot. 

This year we like to do some sculpturing again, as well as painting and walking. Joost is very busy with taking pictures, and enjoys it very much.