The weather man is coming

It is far too dry here, we did only have drops of water this winter. The coast had much more. Climate change...well, we still have plenty of water - for agriculture - so we still plant and sow in our garden, and with nice temperatures, everything grows well. Joost has finally installed his long-wished weather station (Davis Vantage Pro2) so all storms, raindrops and temperatures can be measured more accurately than now. Due to the heavy stormy winds over the past weeks, Joost had been securing the solar panels on the roof a couple of weeks ago with extra weight and security steel cables. But still, when it storms during the night, we both are awake. Now the system is installed to measure the strength of such a wind, the speed now is an average 5...

We've started to go out and check tne nature out; what is growing now? When can we see the first orchids? Already, a lot is going on, and we made some nice trips. Whilst Joost is enjoying making pictures, to put on his blog, I still continue to cook, to investigate news about health and food; and started painting again.

Our Chicks are doing very well; 2 eggs/day and they taste great. And despite some bad-interpreted Cell-studies, eggs are healthy and do not contribute to increasing cholesterol (the body is making 5-10 times higher amounts of cholesterol). They do like our company, and sometimes try to find us...through a fence or a door. So we have to be creative and block this out. The space they have, is large enough for 2 Chicks!

Now the big challenge is, to keep the cats away from my seed-tray; it is so tempting to use this as another sleeping mat, next to all the lounge-places they have in/out of the sun, soft and/or hard. Well, I'm going protect my seedlings!