Time flies

and it is almost the end of may! We've harvested a lot, such as potatoes, onions, garlic, green beans, broad beans, peas, lots of different types of salads, spinach and so on. Nispero's (Loquat) are over, now its peach time. Love it!

We did had some troubles with our solar system, but after replacing a expansion vessel and some pressure valve, all is working fine now. There are quite some things in the course of these first 5 months, that needed either replacement or finding a solution. It's always a challenge, to manage; sometimes, to overcome language barriers when you are not a technical expert. But I'm getting there..., when Joost explains it to me, I seem to be able, to translate it in Spanish succesfully. 

Lots of gardenwork, but with the ingenious computer program of Grow vegetables, managing the system of sowing/planting and crop-rotation for 35 lines has become a piece of cake. Wish a system would exist to take out the weeds too. However, it is kind of mindfullness/mediation, working in the garden for some hours and enjoying the results aftewards....

From time to time, we do want to get out, explore, enjoy some of the beautiful nature, parks, mountains, flora and fauna. Joost is enjoying himself very much by taking pictures. Oh boy, there are some beautiful creatures and plants out there! Have a look at his pictureblog, you will like it!


Our chickens are real Catalans; not behaving as simple hens would do, picky about ther choice of food - probably too much spoiled, but the eggs taste great. In spite of reading about the shortage of egg-whites in the US, due to the ''rage'' of only using the whites for omelettes, burritos and so on, to avoid the ''bad' egg yolk  (?) we use both. The idea which lived on for decennias, that the yolk contained too much fat and cholesterol, being bad for us, is replaced already many years by the fact, that our bodies do produce a) more cholestero than one egg contains/day; and b) eggs do contain all necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals to make the complete nutrition bombs in a tasty way. No problem to eat them in a varied diet with lots of greens, fruits, fibers, healthy oil (olive, native), moderate meats (whites), fish (especially salmon, tuna, mackerel) and nuts. So challenge your doctor, if he wants to prescribe statins (which have more side effects than benefits these days), and choose for a healthy life style and good food instead.


After 3 years teaching the Spanish Bodega owner Carolina German, I have stopped with it. She is now doing examn and is able, to speak to German-speaking clients. For me it was enough, although I enjoyed doing it. It also meant to me to improve my Spanish, so I guess, we both learned a lot. Now I want to spend time on other things. But time seems to flow out of the day, not having yet started to paint, making sculptures, write or play keyboard, only occasionally. I suppose, these activities will start up when time is ready. RIght now, it seems that we keep ourselves busy with other things, but enjoy our life, the warm weather, gardening, chickens and cats.