It's raining

Finally; one of the driest years since 150 years; less rain than the Sahel; this is the fact of our province; many farmers have lost their crops, trees and fruits. Huge damages; due to a loss of rainfall for over a year now. Not even 1/4 of the average yearly amount has been received...But on 22 sept rain did came. Uunfortunately for a closeby village, as gota fria; huge amounts of water (and hale as large as tennis balls) came down. Enourmous damages: fences ripped off, roads with large holes, gardens destroyed, mud in the pools and so on. What a disaster. Fortunately, here, we had also quite some rain, but not at once, so no damage at all.

Gardening: well, so far, we have worked our way with more than 150 tomatoes: frozen, dried, in olive oil, ketchup, dried powder etc. Red peppers are hanging on the terrace, we had lots of beans, potatoes, corn & sunflower for the chickens, and huge amounts of lettuce. Now, the new potatoplants are already up to our knees! First time we tried to plant luffa - gorgeous to see how this plant is growing, flowering and the luffa's are hanging down. But the rain needs to stop now, the plant want sun to finish growing. Hopefully we can harvest luffa/dry them for vegetable sponge use...We'll see.

Troubles with the solarinstallation, our swimmingpool and the gas-contract. It means a lot of work (yes, I do write complaint letters in spanish and have involved the consumerorganisation here to help me), not too much stress, rather annoying and timeconsuming. But I will fight on. 

Joost's skills on photography are improving quickly; he gets lots of useful comments and tips on ZOOM, and learns every day. Also he made some beautiful series on some cultural festivities (see his blog) and close ups from our cats. Love it.

Painting, sculpturing? Did spend most of the time this year on gardening. And cooking. New techniques, new recipes to try out, and Joost is pleased with most of the attemps. However, with the ISi siphon, I'm still not yet there to make aerated chocolate...but I will eventually. 

Do have some work; I'm coaching a spanish HR manager (in Spanish) and from the earnings, I treat myself to cook books (Modernist Cuisine weighs ''only'' 25 kg for the 5 books...). Oh, and soon I will have a professional Sous Vide cooker, now I'm using a pan & thermometer, but it isn't that exact. Wonderful technique. Especially for meats/steaks!

We will walk some more in autumn/winter; summer is too hot for it. Every evening we play waterball. Yesterday, I won. 60 - 42. But the other days, Joost was the winner. It is a lot of fun, a great way to exercise and intensive. Soon, the swimming pool period is over, and we will enjoy our small jacuzzi. 

Our chickens are spoilt catalan brats, and I'm close to consider to make soup from them....we grow corn, sunflowers, lettuche, but if they don't like it, the turn away. 

Had some troubles with 3 ''stranger cats'', who came here to feast on our free meals, but its over now! They started to harrass our cats, and that is just one bowl of food too far!

I guess, I will pick up keyboard playing when temperatures are less hot, and my fingers itch, want to paint. Not sure yet what. Animals? I have plans for a serie of ''eyes''; or landscapes, cities, water, boats or...? Too much. The same with writing my thriller. I probably have 10 plots and 30 people to fill lots of books. But I should start with just one for now. Well, you never know....