Happy New Year...

...and may it be one in peace for everybody.


How sad is the fact, that january 7th has marked a tragedy with a coward attack on freedom of speech and democracy. 


Life has been busy last year; Joost picked up a new hobby; photography and contributes to a professional picture-community via ZOOM; and he creates his own photoblog with short information about life, nature, culture of Spain. I have been starting to use Pinterest as a way of inspiration, and started with paper mache technique, since the temperature for working outside is too cold. 


ALso we have done a lot of gardening; finally, we are able to make good plant-plans, via GrowVeg, we have invested in some equipment, to make heavy work a bit lighter, and we have harvested huge amounts of tomatoes (now in the freezer, dried, as ketchup, jam etc.), and over 130 kg of potatoes in de 2nd harvest, just beginning of december. Also we have had in december a harvest of around 70 kg's of olives, and earlie january again 100 kg. We harvest in one day, and clean, crush and press day 2 to ensure to get the best extra vergine olive oil with all the goodies in it. Quite some work, also 2 x cleaning, but what the heck, if you taste it, you know it was worth all the effort.


Our cats are doing fine, except we would wish they would become a bit more cuddly; only Blacky and Maxi like our hands, Mini only when she is near Blacky, and Whitey cannot be approached at all. Last years, for months, we had problems with cats from the neighborhood; stealing away the food from our cats. And after many months of standing guard, trying to adopt them if approachable - which failed - or making them go away, we still struggle occasionally. But well, never a dull moment here.


My cooking has become more sophisticated, I love to try out new recipes and new techniques, like sous-vide (the meat-jacuzzi, as Joost calls it); never have we experienced such juicy meats, steaks, chickenbreasts as with this method; and it is fool-proof; even if you can't cook, but set the timer and a clock, and use a vacuum-machine (like Foodsaver); you can do it. No fancy stuff needed - unless you like it - a pan an thermometer and clock works too. 


Our house needs to be wrapped in a cuddle-wall....When we enter the cold season, which is not so long, we experience the problems of an old house without isolation. So we will place isolation around the house, and then another wall in front. That should keep cold outside, and warmth inside. As we get older too, a bit more comfort is appreciated.


We wish you all a happy, healthy new year. And may peace, respect, cooperation and tolerance prevail over war, terrorism and submission. Health is what we consider one of themost important things, and we wish you lots of it. Take care of yourselves, live healthy, happy and loving