June 2015 update

Since january, we've been working almost constantly on our mega project to renovate/isolate our house. This included to place a 6 cm isolation plate (Styrodur); a new stone wall of 15 cm, new windows in front of existing (makes 2); new roof tiling; nature stone wall around the house and many other things. Now, 11th of june, it is almost coming to an end; a couple of weeks more, and we finally can say ''finished''! Then time is coming up for relaxing, working on social contacts - which had been left behind due to all the work - and a slower pace for gardening too. 

It has been so far quite a busy couple of months, gardening (harvesting etc), househould, cooking and all other ''normal'' things do go on as well. Sometimes, it has been difficult to keep on going, 6-7 days/week, and we have forced ourselves to take at least 1/2 - 1 day/week off; going into the mountains, relax and change the mindset and give the body a good rest. 

But it is worthwile; in the winter, we will nog facing cold in the house/warmth will stay inside much better and the climate will be better; no more mold in the kitchen due to cold/humidity and inability to heat up sufficiently. In the summertime, when it is piping hot outside, the house gives us a pleasant temperature, excellent to cope with. 

But what a work....Wanna see some pictures? Go to pictures/metamorfosis and see the work in progress.