January 2016

Last year was so busy and it was over so quick! The garden has provided us with lots of vegetables, the fruit trees were bearing huge amounts of fruits, and our freezers were loaded.


We bought ourselves a real bread-oven and enjoy every time to eat quality bread, made with organic ingredients; so much better, tastier and healthier than store-bought. And although I'm busy with preps already 2 days ahead, when we see the result, all effort and work is worth it.


Earlier 2015, Blacky came as macho-cat, but finally, in august, after castration, he is about the sweetest furry cat we have. He loves our hands (and legs); can't get enough, and waits for a chance to get cuddles. Our other cats are different; only Zwartje is willing to ''ask'' for touching him, Maxi only sparesly and Mini and Whitey not at all. Well, cats are individualists, and that's what we like them for. And we are happy to have at least one which loves to be touched by us.


Our huge project of isolating our house from the outside, did turn out well in the end; now, the temperatures inside can be very easy controlled; we use not much additional heating when the sun has heated up the house. The climate inside the house is much more pleasant. So it was after all very rewarding to put all this work into it. And...we must say, we love the yellow walls and the nature-stone-border. 


Last year for the first time, we discovered many egg-cocons of the praying mantis (these insects we find regularly in many forms; great helpers in the garden against not-so-much-wanted-insects); we look forward to take pictures when the young one hatch, if all goes well. Every year it is a miracle, what type of animals, insects, birds find their way to our freestate Nicojo; we saw a tree-rat; hedgehog and beautiful butterflies. 

Joost has improved his photography-skills very much and enjoys to take pictures; we've been also walking through mountains, and have found fossils and minerals. 


This year we have no plans for another construction project; yes, we will finish of some smaller projects in the garden/adding new gravel etc., but furthermore, we intend to take more time for exploring nature by walking/taking pictures.


In january I picked up a study (Dino 101/University of Alberta, as well as Geol 104/University of Maryland); for more than 35 years one of my biggest dreams is becoming real; studying paleontology; especiall the dinosaur-era. Don't ask me why dinosaurs, but somehow, these creatures have alsways fascinated me. And now I'm taking lessons, learn about the newest insights and I love it.