Felix is a Felicat

Well, for months, a beautiful black and white cat has been around our area, and we thought it was a male cat. Not too wild, not too thin, so someone must feed him or he is smart enough to get his food elsewhere.

Anyway, it turned out, that this FELIX cat as we called him, because we thought it was a  HE, is actually a SHE, with two little black and with cubs, they are lovely. Unfortunately, our cats do not wish to mingle with others or allow new cats into our family, so no more cats here.

Well, the good thing about this is, that there is no need for Joost to enlarge the feeding row, and that we don’t need to pay lots of money for sterilizing/castrating them. So maybe our cats are smarter, but I love to see these black and white ones. From a distance, of course….