Taking pictures and rotary tiller

Joost is spending hours with his camera Nikon D90. There are so many possibilities to try out, i twill keep him busy for a long time. For macro- pictures, a special lense is the best option, however, they are quite expensive, so he is working now with a cheaper alternative, but sparingly. We are about to decide, which lens we will need. Because there is a lot around here, worth to take pictures of!


Joost is working on our big plot with his tractor and plough. For the vegetable garden, we use a hand-rotary tiller, but if the ground is very dry, like now, we can’t get through it. And Joost is in favour of machines, rather than heavy ‘’hand’’ work…..So we were looking already quite some time for a rotary tiller. Not easy, since it needs to be a small one. And to our surprise, they seem quite expensive. So we have made som inquiries at our tractor-vendor, and some other tractor-vendors near us. All came up with only one brand  and similar pricing. Our vendor was indicating, that if we would trade in some of our accessories, he could give us some ‘’discount’’. Well, the other day he came up with his super offer: a rotary tiller, made in Italy, at a very good price, if we would hand in the accessories. Just googling for more information, we found this rotary tiller for the price, he offered – delivered from Italy – and an importer here in Spain, again, with the same pricing. If I want to be kidding myself, I decide when….but this great deal consists of giving the vendor for free our accessories, and he has done no work for it. Easy money! Well, I can do business like that myself. So I let him wait for another week, the turn the offer down in a diplomatic manner, you know, pricing/crisis etc…..And then we will buy the tiller ourselves. We can even afford then to buy a lense for Joost too…..