Paving the road3

They didn’t come on Monday – why should they? Nice, not so hot weather, some clouds, ideal for a ‘’hot’’ job putting on tar - or asphalt as we call it - on the road. So they will come on Tuesday, isn’t it? So monday I was able to go to the village, to teach German to Carolina from the Bodega, and Joost received his macro-lense, brought by the courier. He also collected the book about his camera at the post office, which is open Monday – Friday from 13.30 – 14.00. I wonder what they are doing the rest of the day..

Tuesday morning, I’m up early as always, hoping they will come. They don’t; not for the whole day. Will they come at all or are they going to leave it like it is? – no problem until there is rain, and there isn’t any projected until October – so we can go the quad dealer with our battery, which seems to be the cause for not being able to drive with the quad. This is not the only problem we are facing right now; the swimming pool is ‘’leaking out’’ black stuff from tiny holes, something that should not be possible according to the guarantee for the pool and its fabrication process. Well, it is happening, and oh boy, the vendor is giving me a hard time; every time I call, he mentions that the factory is very busy, that he will call again. I did push – still polite – a bit harder today; he’s the vendor, I’m having trouble with the pool and no one seems to bother. But at least, early morning, they started tarring the street, and hopefully, around mid day, approx. 13.30, they finished the job. At least that has a happy end. And the huge amount of dust will be reduced significantly. I hope.