Keeping on taking pictures

Today Joost had a number of items for taking pictures - although it was quite hot, but we like this weather - the little blossom of goji-berries, almonds almost getting out of ther skins, pomegranate, peppers, raspberries and pumpkins.

Actually the pumpkin flowers I'd rather say. They are so big, but for quite some time, the bee's have missed them out. But now, they seem to have found them. Now I'm hoping for is that the flowers will turn into pumpkins.

We did not had so much luck this year with melons, pumpkins or peppers, and we have not seen many bee's. Maybe because many people are spraying quite heavy - not really being experts - against the picudo rojo  - the red weevil who affects palm trees. We don't spray, we pour the mixture directly into the heart of the palm; in that way, the bee's and other insects do not die as is the case if you spray ''freely'' in/around/above/under the palm tree.