January 2017

Hope, all readers have been ‘’gliding’’ in a good way into the new year. It will be a new year with more challenges, some politicial turbulencies and so on…My sincere hope for you: happiness, health and enjoy life.


Since november, a lot of things have happened. Some smaller health problems (dealt with), swimming pool being removed/replaced, but now we’re confronted with a problem on the terrace around it (due to bad work years ago)…., the roof is leaking (flat roof, must become non-flat roof); and so on. But yeah, the quad is ‘’home again’’ but in the winter time, you can’t use it; too cold...


Last week, just before snow came (every 30-40 years or so, there is snow here until into the town…); we picked the last tomatoes; still have a huge amount of parsley (covered); lots of citrus fruit and the last potatoes are in the ground, waiting for us to dig up (when temp. is a bit higher).


And hell broke loose on dec. 16th, when we found out, that there is an illegal asphalt plant on the end of the village. Since june. Which has been testing and producing some quantities of hot-process asphalt, with its toxic emissions but without any covers, filters etc….And I’m the one who feels the need to save the world. Or better; our village, our people, the valley, agriculture, economy, tourism and so on. And most important; environment and our health. Oh boy. Countless days and nights of work, endless screening, reading, laws, reglements etc. in Spanish, writing allegations, searching for arguments, looking for proven health hazards and so on. With the help of some Spanish persons, more people got informed, talks were held. Too much to tell. Last week, the deadline for the allegations ended. And yesterday there was a Town Hall meeting. Pffff..thought, no hoped actually, that the situation would turn out to the better soon, but it seems, that the Town Hall is not only stupid and blind-eyed (only looking for profit, not smart enough to discover the risks) and it might turn out to become a legal fight. No time for easy living, enjoying life, or work on the mosaic, or read or whatever ‘’pleasant’’ pre-pensioners-activity. Nope. Just work. For the well being of all of us….Will be continued


Catootje is not coming into the closed terrace (even with cat flap); but has its own sleeping hole and his terrace-based feeding station. Until the terrace is open, and things normalize, however, it seems, that the tenses are less, and they get along better.


Trees have been cut, we have ‘’cleaned’’ and cleared the various spots of gardens around the house; less plants, more open spaces. And Confucius….a nice statue, I found in a construction-hall; did ask what the price was, and when they told me, I immediately bought it. Thought it would cost hundreds of Euro, but no, only 50,-- ! So now, Confucius is waking on our entrance.


O yeah, almost forgot, we are in process with a company to put a new (pointed) roof….but it is not yet the best moment to ask for the permit at the Town Hall…I will send Joost there…