Don’t you know what happend in 1704 in Spain? No? Then you are no Spaniard

This morning, just out of curiosity, I did THE test about Switzerland. Although I am living abroad now for more than 34 years, I thought I can do it. 53 out of 100 questions were correct. Not too bad. If they would have asked questions like ‘’when was the Swiss Confederation erected/ who was Wilhelm Tell/how many cantons are in Switzerland’’ and so on, but no; birthplace of an unimportant singer, completely unknown little spots in the middle of nowhere (and of little general interest); no questions whatsoever relating about values of Switzerland. For immigrants, the tests are made on a cantoal (= regional) base, and are relating to all these issues. I checked then the Spanish test for immigrants;  only 30 questions like: Who was Murillo, Dali, Picasso en Velasquez ?  (painters). What is the name of the King and Queen (Don Juan Carlos/Reina Sofia); Who is Calderon de la Barca, Arturo Perez-Reverte, Antonio Machado, Lope de Vega of Cervantes? (writers); what happened in 1704 (England took over Gibraltar) and what is celebrated on the 12th of october (Dia de la Hispanidad/Fiesta Nacional) and so on. These are questions that are relevant; a bit of history, culture, politics, sports etc. Maybe a bit too short? I have decided not to try out the Dutch immigration test….suppose they take away my passport…wouldn’t surprise me, with all the crazy things, politicians ‘’invent’’ these days…