Food Factory Nicojo

It almost looks like it: today I prepared the toppings for my pizza’s (the bottoms with spicy sauce have been baked some days ago); lots of veggies: mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini, some anchovy, ham and salami, herbs and cheese. Packed onto small trays, in a plastic bag. Ready for use when we are in for a healthy and quick snack. Then I cooked some beets (= freezer) and packed some melons (- freezer too); sliced half a bucket of peppers, for drying outside in the sun. Not close to the grapes which are drying there too in between 2 trays (each grape has a slice to promote quicker drying). Also, the food dehydrator has been put to work, to dry my tomatoes; this time, we’ll make tomato powder, since I have a whole bunch of dried tomatoes in olive oil now.  Great for making tomato-broth and for spicing up all kinds of things. Have to try something new, isn’t it? Tomorrow bread day is the plan, as well as making Swedish crisp bread (knäckebröd). Will be only 37 degree’s outside…A little crazy, but tasty (the food I mean). And I also made some muesli: all kinds of cereals (ecological/biological), puffed rice, some dried coconut, sesame seed, dried fruits, and there you have a crunchy breakfast without palm oil, added sugars and no additives. With the home made yoghurt: unbeatable. Food Factory it is. My way. Now we are awaiting the meat, we ordered from the Pyrenees, also biologic. But I guess, they are still chasing the chickens, the lamb, the cow and the pig, since the meat has still not arrived….but it will be extra juicy then, from all the running, I guess…and again no antibiotics, hormones, neither food with chemicals.