It will be alright, luv!

That's what he said. Joost. The meat was supposed to arrive on wednesday. We waited, searched info on the net, watched some tv, but no meat that day. Sh...I already salivated by the idea of a juicy piece of meat from a happy, free range mountain cow. But zip, nada, nothing. We ended up with an omelette and tomatosalad. Joost was feeding my growing impatience ''maybe they're gone with the wind and your money, now they are bancrupt and you will not receive any meat at all" Nice. Thursday then? YES! Around 13.30 they would be here. Great! I had prepared already a sauce, the salad would be done in an instant, and the french fries would not take long in the oven. But I waited. What if...well, exactly, it did came, but well after we had been eaten up the fries and the salad, around 1440. And around 1800 our guests would come. Beautiful meat, large chickens; so cutting them up and putting them in the freezer took me a while. Now my dilemma for today: am I going to prepare a piece of this juicy-free-range-happy-cow meat or will I take from stock? Angus Beef from Ireland. Also not bad. In the meantime, this morning we have already worked quite hard: except some peppers, carrots and beetroot, the garden is empty. Joost did the ploughing already and will now use his new equipment to finish the work. Ready for planting and sowing this weekend.