June 2017

Where do I start? So many things have happened, so many things we've done...

Well, we are still fighting as a small group against the asphalt factory and it seems, that we have gained some succes, but we are not yet there; the plant still stands (but still) but we won't stop until it's over. Endless hours of investigation, reading juridical complex papers, issuing allegations, acusations and so on. However, the good thing is, we have a lawyer, who is dedicated, very knowlegdeable and she is helping us with strategy, knowlegde, advice and activities. Just did an interview for a local tv station, I coordinate and inform people about what is going on.

Gardening: a huge amount of citrus fruits, what a blessing! we still have every day our juice; we are now terminating the peaches, figs starting to come, apricots were lovely and first tomatoes are getting red. I had everything under control...until I fell on may 23 and broke a bone in my right leg, ankle sprained and heavy torn knee, of which we don't know yet if there is some problem undetected yet,  and a ligament torn and so on...not so nice...

After 2 weeks in complete bandage/brace from toe to butt (which was very inconvenient and I could not get in/out of bed without help), they changed it to one of toe - knee, which meant, I can move around with my office=seat w/wheels; I am able to do a lot more, not so dependent anymore. And as Joost had set up a ''bed office'' with a monitor on my bed, mouse and keyboard, I can work, whild\st resting my leg. Just this monday, they told me in the hospital, they want to start rehab. Whilst the bone is not yet 100% healed and the ligament not yet fixed completely. Well, if I can, the sooner the better!

So you can imagine, our life has been turned up a bit: Joost is taking care of me, cooks, does the garden, and I help where I can. 

Earlier this year we have isolated our roofs; and made sure, no more water can enter anymore. A hell of a job, but it pays off now too; with 36 degrees on the day, inside the house it stays around 24 degrees C. Excellent. 

Taking pictures has come to a slowdown since Joost is so busy with taking care of everything, but the moment I can walk a bit steadier, we will go out, enjoy the nature. However, a walk in the mountain is not scheduled soon......

Our 6 cats are doing fine, and just one of us is coming every eveing to cuddle a while; all others are too independent. They find it strange, that I'm on ''wheels'', and not outside, not working in the garden. Strange....Well, I hope soon it will turn out fine. There are worse things.