6th of sept. 2017

More than 3 months have passed since I fell in the mountains. The broken bone, the ruptured ligaments etc. seem to give no further complications. A 2nd opinion noticed CPRS (algoneurodystrophy) which makes rehabilitation much more difficult, but it seems, we managed to not let it increase, but to decrease the effects a bit due to intensive fysio/exercises/massages etc. Also, an MRI scan 2 weeks ago showed chondromalacia patella grade 4; which means, that there is no more cartilage behind the patella (knee).

So no more ‘’dreaming’’ of mountain climbing, bungee jumping, Tour de France bicycle riding or beachball or rugby….And it limits the amount of bending the knee. So now, after learning to walk again, the focus is on reinforcing the muscles and keeping as much as possible ‘’movement’’ in the knee without overdoing it. I left the ‘’bed residency’’ and sitting in our office room in front of the computer. After 2-3 weeks of rollator walking, I’m on crutches, and sometimes even only on 1. So my ‘’speedy chair’’ is only used at night. Can put my sock/shoe on.

So many things have improved; I’m walking much more now. Swimming exercises every day 1-2, fysio 3x/week, and intense training sessions at home with weights etc. We are seeing the progress, but it will take a long effort and much more time and we still not know, how far rehab will succeed. But we fight. Won’t give up.


Joost has done a great job in managing the garden; of course we had to make some decisions; he can’t do it all alone with me….So the only thing that is in the garden now, are peppers/chili, and potatoes, onions, tomatoes and lots of other stuff have been harvested/processed and are waiting to be eaten. Now he is cleaning the land; ploughing etc. And we await, if we get saffron in October (which we replanted after 6 years). Pears, apples, grapes, lemons, nashipear. So much fruit. Surprised, we are not looking yet like fruits…


Catootje, our last ‘’wild’’ one who came to us, passed away. Felix (a slender, young black white male) and Droppie (a white/black big male) are applying to be part of the family, so if our cats adopt/accept them, who are we to not doing so as well? Right now, we see them daily at the food, and Felix seems not to be so shy as Droppie. We’ll see. Blacky is the only one, who loves to cuddle, and drops in every night for 1-3 times, to feel our hands, to lay on me, and then goes to sleep in his penthouse….


Joost and I are cooking together; I’m sitting at the table, cutting, preparing, etc., instruct but after so much time, he is doing a fantastic job and becomes a good cook; love it! Since garden work is now almost ‘’over’’ (he just harvested all almonds), there is a bit more time to relax/taking it easy. And that’s good too.