Insects are good for you!

Yep, you can read more and more about the fact, that we have to learn to eat insects. What brings me to write about this? Well, the other day, I had cooked a meal, and Joost had Broccoli, whilst I had spinach. Both from our garden, fresh prepared and frozen. So after a few bites, Joost stopped and said ‘’look, what’s this’’? A small caterpillar lay on his plate. Dead I presume.. (it was cooked). How was this possible? Growing green without chemicals, take care of preparation and then this! But eating insects is very common in Asia and Latin America, but ‘’we’’ Westerners….we hardly get excited when asked if we fancy a cockroach-snack….or a caterpillar in the broccoli that is….When I was in Nanjing, small stalls sold fried scorpions, grilled cockroaches and many more things; just like fish and chips, shrimps or deep fried sausages …So it’s just a matter of being used to it.

They are healthy; good fats, lots of proteins, little food  needed for them, lowering blood pressure and many more benefits. Well, give me the happy-free pasture -cow meat, the big free-range-chicken (we can eat 8 times from one) and boy, are these meats tasty says Joost. Hey, wait a second, here we have a unique business opportunity! Growing insects! Even in Holland or England you could do it. A small shed would do. Or a room. Think of lollys with crickets, deep fried insects, dipped in hot chocolate…. Probably isn’t the time yet. Here I mean. Well, you never know….