Every morning, I go with Joost to the saffron field, to harvest the flowers; up to now we have 192 flowers x 3 stigma's = 576 = which is approx. 3,7 grams...As we have planted around 500 bulbs, this could add up (500 x 3 = 1500)..... The flowers are beautiful, a pity we have to pick them like that, but I do it with all my heart (mindfullness they call it...), and it is truly the ''red gold'' we are picking. The bees are not pleased at all, they want the flowers!

Anyway, it is every day a big surprise, how many we can pick. And then, from every flower, I pick the 3 stigma's, lay them on kitchen towel to dry on the terrace in the sun. 

Maxi is lying close to it, on the couch. Who says ''aphrodisiacum'' must be mistaken; it is more a sleeping drug it seems....