Normally, I get less excited or angry and only very seldom furious. But today, it happened. For weeks we are awaiting the goods to transform our hot water/heating system onto solar. And every time promises, they don't keep. So today I had it. If it comes not today, they can send it right back and send me the money back. It is unbelievable, how this - british - company is acting, telling us constantly things that are not true. But the limit has been reached. So I have been very clear; both in English and in Spanish (since they didn't dare to call me back, they asked the Spanish branch to do so)...They are in panic now. Their problem. I'm calm again. For now. 

Fortunately, our saffron is doing very well: until now, we have been harvesting up to 1760 flowers, approx. 34 grams! A lot of dishes with saffron to come. It's healthy as well. And the sun is shining. And that is wonderful