It's raining... building, but time to write. 

The president of Catalunya is furious that the government hasn’t offered him some special deals. Whilst once it was one of the most prosperous regions, within 21 months, he has downgraded it and had to ask for more than 5 billion Euro’s on support from the Government and he still struggles to pay hospitals. And Europe is not wanting him either. Bet on the wrong horse…


iPad of governemental workers will be only once repaired from now on. The high ‘’lost my iPad’’ and reparations will no longer be accepted. And some ayuntamientos will only pay the extra’s, if the worker is coming on time, is present and works with his computer. As reward for their effort.


EU will have some difficult budget talks. Cameron of the UK is threatening with veto, and the mis-spendings of the commissions (only 5 billion) is small talk…Payments have been made for open spaces (whilst being forests), or sheeps that weren’t present. And some more mayor mistakes in agriculture (up to 8%), regional/energy and traffic policies for approx..6%. Still peanuts; EU employees will receive 8,8% salary increase whilst Europe is facing serious crisis.


Greeks are on strike again, will vote for austerity measures and this creates silence until the next payment. To get more tax from the rich, limite fraude, liberalize and increase competitiveness on the labour market and reducing the government? Patience of the paper, but sad, that the little man is paying again.