Additives are addictive

Ever wondered, why ''junk food'' tastes so great? Well, I'll tell you; the industry uses many ingredients (chemical, most of them not so good for you) to create in your brain the message ''this is good/I WANT MORE''. And most and for all; a lot of these ''ingredients'' are meant to mask inferior ingredients to create something ''good and tasty''....But if you really know, what's inside some of the foodstuffs, sauces and so on, you might think about alternatives. And of course, I knew already for years, that Maggi is not healthy (and I used it only for one dish); but now, its out of my kitchen. For good. And I have found other alternatives to create great taste without chemicals. I love to do this and to me it is a challenge, to create f.e. a ''swiss salad sauce'', without the Maggi (or Aromat) or making nibbling snacks (see food) with just a couple of simple ingredients to avoid too much fat/sugar/salt and additives. 

ps: it is well known, that more children could be off Ritalin and other medicines, if fed with pure, foods without additives; however, there are big lobby's to tell you there is no such link between food/allergies/behavioral problems; who is paying lots of so called scientific research you think? Yep, large Food Industries and the Pharmaceutical Industry. There you are....