Strange week

It is a strange week, on tuesday I prepared a nice christmas lunch/dinner and wednesday I thought  ''it is sunday''. And this goes on the whole week, every day I think its another day.....Yesterday I tried to make mie (chinese noodles) since I wanted to make a dish called bami (with lots of veggies and a bit of lean, spicy meat), but it took me so long to make the noodles, that I used elbow pasta to create my dish (which was so yammie), whilst the fresh noodles were set out to dry for another time. Today I tried my dried pasta before freezing them in. Suppose it had gone wrong? Well, it did. Completely. Don't know how this is possible, since I followed all instructions. So will need some more experiments to get fresh pasta dried, because I can't eat a whole lot of fresh pasta in one go! 

Tonight will be the 4th attempt to get Blacky his anti-parasite table, he rejected so far 3 tasty pate's....

Saturday morning: well, he did ate the pate around the tablet, so I had to think of a new trick; put it in a piece of (snack) stick (for cats) and yes, he ate them!