Calming storms

The storms have ended, and the heavy wind is becoming now a friendly little thing. So time to get out into the garden; Joost will do some pruning, ploughing etc, and I will first paint the big kettle for the olive oil production with Hammerite to protect against rust. Then I will have to do some garden work too; hate to do weeding, but love to plant. But well, it has to be done. If we haven't been kept out of our sleep for the wind, it was because of yelling cats, or, as this night, barking dogs. You can't have it all...The freezer will be fixed next week - under guarantee - the electricity will be installed on 4/2, the heat pump has been ordered, so most of the things are on track now. Some new ideas for art-projects came up, and I have painted some small paintings this week - can't go out with a storm, isn't it - so we keep ourselves busy. The first fresh small potatoes have been harvested yesterday, and we eat green asparagus, red peppers, various salads/lettuces and sugar snaps. But now its time for work, no further excuses.