Champagne and caviar

There is a joke going on here: Mr Rajoy calls Luis (Barcenas); ''Luis, tenemos que hablar - Luis, we have to talk / Luis: ''sobre?"  Rajoy: ''Si''. = sobre can be translated a) about what or b) a sobre is an envelop, hence making the link to the many ''enveloppes'' with money, which are given above and under the table.....

Whilst there are many social problems arising under jobless people here, Mr. Barcenas (the ex treasurer of the PP) is sipping from his Champagne in a Michelin Star restaurant, planning his next ''Heli skiing'' trip. He has a fiscal amnesty (of the 22 mio on Swiss banks, he only admitted 10 mio to the Tax Dept, and got a 10% fine (normal guys like us pay taxes, starting from 21% onwards) , releasing him from any further obstruction, payments or investigation of fraude forever) and a juridical amnesty, telling Rajoy ''if I have to go to jail, I will release all files''. Rajoy told yesterday to Mrs. Merkel that ''all is untrue except some things''. Credibility on political parties is on its lowest. Involvement of politics in economy and mix up of highly influencial positions is everywhere. This hinders the process of getting the economy started up, creating jobs and develop real democracy. Fraude and corruption cases can only be sued within 4 years, hence many cases are ''dropped'' because of overworked judges/insufficient juridical system. Or they are stopped due to lame excuses or being put before a public jury. People are fed up. Calls for restructuring the political system and end of corruption arise. Question is, if this will take place. Now, the Tax authorities are seeking a way, to unblock the fiscal amnesty of Barcenas. My gut feeling is, that chances of succes are minimal.