Early thursday morning - we had to get up early for the reparation of our fridge - after breakfast I was checking my morning news round on internet. And sideways, I just saw some running cats. Looking again, a giant sheperd dog was running too! Along our terrace! Can't be! Am I hallucinating? No, 2 dogs of our neighbours escaped and found their way to us. A horror scenario, we have been afraid of for years. They have now 5 of these dog; degenerated through incest, badly fed, and not trained at all. Would they attack? Well, I shouted in a reflex, ''dog on our compound'' and Joost ran outside. Bare handed. I took an umbrella. But it took Joost only seconds to force the dogs to move to their house as quickly as they could; they were so afraid, so nothing to fear of. But do tell that to 2 cats, who have been hunted, sitting breathless in the olive tree! Well, Mini saw Joost in his heroic action of sending the dogs back, she was not injured it seemed, but she went off. And did not came back. Not that day, not during the night. Although we called her - in turns - walked down the road, around our site, but she was nowhere. And because she can't miauw, no one would hear her, if she was in trouble. Can you imagine the horror-scenario's I had in my mind? Well, to make a long story short, friday night, at 22.15 she was home again, in her little ''house'' on the cat-lounge-pillar, and all other cats around her. We were so relieved. After some reparations we made on thursday on the fence, the neighbour has been repairing some parts of the wall. But Joost will check this himself, and if necessary, make some adjustments. Because never ever we will have these dogs on our terrain!