In heat

Wel, she did it again. Coming to us, this beautiful black cat. Looking for a male, to have fun. But ours is a you-know-macho cat who hasn't the slightest interest in doing so. Pleasing her I mean. And our females don't want to be bothered with this annoyance and think ''bugger off''. 

Well, yesterday I was standing at the window of the living room, looking to the roadside. And yep, she came over the wall, down into the garden. And rushed back the same way, but quicker. Such a short visit to our garden was never paid by her....She did not see that Joost was already half way the path, so she took a hike....

But just- in one of these nights, that you turn around and around because you can't get asleep for whatever reasons, counting sheeps and doing all other stuff to get yourselves in dreamland again - just as you succeeded in getting vast asleep, around 0530, '''miaaauuuwww'' is heard loud in front of the terrace. O no, not again! She just does it long enough that we are fully awake again, and then she moves on. Knowing that she won't be lucky here. Thank you. Get lost.