Joost and Nicole

Who are we?


In 2008 we emigrated with our cat Oci to Spain, after having been travelling back-and-forth between Holland - our work, our house - and our finca which we had to renovate. When we just got married - in 1978 - we knew, that we did not want to get old in Holland. Swiss-born, I (Nicole) thought the summers were too wet and the winters too cold and windy. Fortunately, both of us loved the sun, the sea and mountains (for its nature, fossils, minerals etc). So we would work for our dream to get old in a warmer spot. An island for example; sitting under palm trees, sipping Pina Colada and sun shining into the sea...However, as we grew older, we became more practical; what if we fall out of the palm tree? Or is there anything else to do on the island, besides sipping cocktails? Saving, investing and working on steadily to achieve our dream is what we did for more than 30 years. 

Earlier than expected, we were able to emigrate. To the warmth, which was for me, Nicole, the best for my body, and avoiding stress for the both of us, living a much simpler life. After an intensive working period of more than 30 years, studying and living in Holland, we would have now time for activities such as photography, exploring nature, walking, sculpturing, painting, writing, gardening, cooking and so much more....

The first year in Spain, I was travelling back to Holland many times for work as trainer/coach and advisor, I closed my practice on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Joost was happy to stop with his work at the bank.  

Now, in 2016, we live with our 5 cats Maxi, Mini, Blacky, Zwartje and Whitey, as well as two Catalan Chicks with pleasure in the province of Alicante. Enjoying the warmth, nature, culture, land an our life here. No regrets at all, we have arranged things well - especially when looking at programs about people who want to emigrate too... We enjoy the many activities, build our live and social environment and feel ''we're home here''. Since we are too young to be pensioners, we ''eat'' up our savings, we've built up over so many years. We are (organic) self supporting with fruits, vegg's, nuts, saffron and produce our own olive oil. With this website, we try to keep in touch, to inform those who are interested in us, in our life here. Making contact, maybe even some new one and sharing some nice things, rather than sad views on the world.

Because we believe that there is so much to tell about interesting things; to do and to share. At least, that's what we hope. So please, feel free to visit the website.